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Three Treasures Living


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Three Treasures Living


Ethical - Local - Sustainable



We are an ethical 'holistic lifestyle' business based in Devon.

All of our crops are grown using Aquaponic and Organic Hydroponic technologies.

Goldfish are extremely sensitive to commercial pesticides and other commonly used gardening products. Much more so than plants. They are the 'canary in the coal mine' when it comes to toxic substances in the growing environment.

Since we cannot put anything in the environment that could harm the fish, we can ensure that the plants are as healthy as our fish.

Furthermore, the plants are grown in an enclosed environment and are therefore not subject to the external influences of land run-off and field spraying.

The Aqua Systems use just 5% of the water used in conventional growing methods.

"The more scientists study and learn, the more they are convinced of the awe inspiring, terrifying complexity of the nature of the Earth and its mysteries. They discover that it is a world full of unlimited, impenetrable enigmas. The amount of material for research that lies hidden in a simple grain of earth, in a simple particle, unsettles thought and freezes the mind."

Lynn Margulis.

Closing the loop and creating food security and resilience

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